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Free Summer Wellness Challenge!

Learn brain and body based techniques to reduce your stress, recharge your energy, improve your relationships and crush your goals! Get a free video lessons and helpful worksheets to help you power-up your wellness!

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Join Us To Reclaim Your Vitality and Release Your Inner Bad Ass! 

We will get started on Monday, June 3rd.  

Get ready for more energy, more joy, and more vitality. 

We will show you easy, effective tools you can to feel better, connect more, and calmly access your inner bad-ass. 

This challenge will give you practical tools you can use in the midst of your hectic daily life. 

Watch the videos at your convenience, and take action on the challenge if you can.  

You are welcome to share our successes, challenges, and questions in our Facebook Group.  

Then,join us each Tuesday evening at 7:00pm Mountain Time USA when one of our healers will go live on Facebook Page to share new insights, answer your questions and help you continue your path to wellness.

The result of this simple plan is that you wil learn to tools to:  

  • Open your heart, claim your calm, and be more connected to yourself and others  
  • Reliably tap into your intuition and make better decisions, faster 
  • Release hidden tensions in your body and start naturally experiencing more ease, joy and play 
  • Stand your ground and stay the course even when life throws tough challenges at you 
  • Stop the harmful effects chronic stress start rebuilding your core vitality  

The experts at the Kali Institute will share wisdom and easy to implement practices from Acupuncture, Healing Touch, Massage, Mental Health Therapy and Yoga.  

So please join and get started increasing your tools for health and wellbeing!  

 What is possible for YOU this summer, when you take more action to take care of yourself?  

Please Note: This challenge is for inspiration and education only and we cannot provide direct health services or therapeutic treatment through the challenge. If you feel that you need more personalized support we invite you to visit us at the Kali Institute to inquire about our services.

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 Meet The Kali Institute Team


Crystal empowers people to take back control of their lives by experiencing long term healing of their nervous systems. She specializes in EMDR therapy, yoga, and mindfulness-based approaches that help clients learn how to heal their bodies and minds. 


Erin has a unique ability to hold unconditional acceptance for clients while simultaneously being straightforward and direct in her approach. Erin is passionate about helping clients gain an authentic sense of self, while breaking through barriers to achieve your highest potential. Erin specializes in EMDR therapy and Healing Touch.



Tanya works with individuals and families to assist them in living to their fullest potential both individually and as a working part of their interpersonal relationships. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Yoga Teacher with additional training in Somatic Experiencing and EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing),



Shawn Sisneros, licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist, holds a Master’s of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine - Chicago. 



Caitlin’s bodywork aims to help people feel more comfortable in their bodies and support them in improving their personal wellness. Using an integrative approach, Caitlin tailors her treatments specifically to her client’s bodywork needs. She helps to uncover the roots of an issue, in order to produce the most benefits and long-lasting results.


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