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Know What to Say When Your Teen Is Struggling

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 Learn New Skills

You will learn what to say, why to say it and how to avoid the most common parent communication mistakes!

Gain Confidence 

Feel good about your interactions with your teen, even when they are upset, hurting, or making bad choices.

Connect With Your Teen

Build and nurture a great relationship with your teenager that you will both enjoy. 


  •  What to say when your teen is late for curfew
  •  What to say when your teen gets in trouble at school
  •  What to say when you don't like your teen's boyfriend or girlfrend
  •  And more!

This E-Book Brought To You By Bethany Raab 

Bethany is passionate about helping teens and families be happy, healthy and have great relationships for life.

Through her therapy practice, Raab Counseling & Consulting Services, she helps teens resolve depression and anxiety, be successful at school and build healthy relationships. Through her online group and blog, Divorce Proofing, Bethany also works with divorced parents to help them teach their teens how to have healthy relationships.

Bethany has been working with teens and families as a therapist for over 10 years. She has a Master's Degree in Social Work from the University of Denver. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Colorado.